So what’s going on at the lido?

Well, we’ve just closed another great season and the pool was an immense success with many people enjoying the Lido in our incredible weather. Final numbers are still being compiled but we estimate we’ve had approaching 40,000 visitors. That’s excluding our four legged friends who also had a great time and made the national press!

The Pool

When we look critically at how the venue could have been better, clearly the changing rooms are at the top of our list and while the pool is shut for this winter we have a program in place to complete what, to date, has obviously just been a partly built facility. The roof and outside of the building will be finished in keeping with the plans for the main building and internally the floor, ceiling and walls will be finally completed and fittings bought up to scratch.

Unfortunately, some of the work carried when restoring the pool itself has proved unsatisfactory and we are currently in discussion with the contractors to carry out the necessary remedial work during the closed season too.

Throughout the winter, you will see that the water level has been significantly reduced, but we also keep the heating on at a very low temperature to prevent frost damage.  There is also a weekly treatment plan to keep the pool and water clean, so expect to see some activity within the pool grounds in the next few months.

The Main Building

Following the huge generosity of the local community, businesses and countless others we were able to secure a conditional grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for just over half of the amount required to restore and develop the building. We are working with the council to meet the HLF’s conditions and obtain ‘permission to start’ status, which we hope will be within the next few months. We’ll keep you informed and post updates to the website whenever we have news.

In the meantime we’re working very closely with our contractors Project Associates South East (PASE) to prepare the program of works and further the designs with Conrans Architects. The continued enthusiasm and collaboration with Saltdean residents will determine the final layout and usage community space.

Over the next few weeks you may see activity on a section of the building to carry out tests.  We are using some pretty innovative techniques to remove, reinforce and replace rendering to a standard approved for the Grade II* listed building, in an environmentally attractive way.  The techniques we are testing, result in reduced noise and efficient waste management which, if the test works, will be particularly good news for the Lido’s neighbours.  Historic England and BHCC are engaged and supportive of these tests as they could benefit other heritage sites in the UK.  We’re exciting to be potentially blazing a trail for heritage renovation in the UK!

We will post updates to the site whenever we have them.

In the meantime, if you would like to view the plans for the main building, you can view the plans here.