Newsletter (November 2018)





Dear Supporter

Saltdean Lido turned 80 this year, and what an extraordinary anniversary it has been. Milestones include the submission of our Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) application, exhibitions of our restoration plans, a series of special anniversary celebrations and a fantastic summer at the pool. The highlight, however, was undoubtedly seeing how the community came together to support the crowdfunder for the heritage café. This was an essential component for our application to the HLF to be considered seriously, and we cannot thank you enough.

Crowdfunder Update

You did it! In just three months, a whopping £120,000 was pledged by residents and supporters throughout the UK, exceeding our target. From members of the community who arranged sponsored swims, cake sales, sponsored trampoline bounces, pledges in memory of loved ones to local business initiatives – you name it, you came up with it! It was great to see how this initiative galvanised the community into action. This money is being held in the Saltdean Lido Trust bank account and will only be used if and when the HLF and Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) have given us permission to start the restoration works.

Heritage Lottery Fund Update

To recap – in February 2015 the HLF announced it would support the Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company (SLCIC) with a Round One development grant. Under its guidance, and working in co-operation with Historic England and BHCC, this money has been used to carry out a number of activities, including: surveys, engineering reports, architectural drawings, business plans, heritage and activity statements and remediation plans – all of which were required for the HLF Second Round application, which was finally submitted in March this year.

As we stated in our April newsletter, it is important to remember that competition for heritage grants from other significant national projects is now more competitive than ever before. Therefore, the HLF said that a demonstration of community fundraising would be a huge help to our application – and it was. Your pledged donations showed the HLF how important the lido building is to the community. In August this year, the HLF gave the lido restoration project a conditional award of £4.2m towards the restoration. This was fantastic news and has been the culmination of eight years of work by the volunteer team. However, it is important to stress that this contribution of capital funds will not be released until the match-funding for the entire HLF scheme has been guaranteed.

Funding update and capital build cost

Every penny raised to date has been achieved through people’s generosity and volunteer’s hard work.

Why doesn’t the council just restore it?

BHCC is, and will remain, the freeholder of Saltdean Lido, but it is not in a position to fund the restoration of the building (nor is it ever likely to be). This is why the SLCIC volunteer team stepped up to help find a solution to save the pool and building. However, as with any not for-profit restoration project of this scale, without private investment, seeking millions of pounds is not a simple task. Therefore, to help you understand our current funding situation, we have provided the following breakdown:

Breakdown of costs

The total cost of the scheme is £7,499,000 (including a new library) and the funding breakdown in our application to the HLF was as follows.

Secured funds:

Historic England £199,000

Crowdfunding Appeal £120,000

Numerous donations, including: £518,000

Garfield Weston Foundation Swire Charitable Trust, Pilgrim Trust, Michael Bishop Foundation, John Coates Charitable Trust, Rampion

BHCC Library funding £699,000

HLF Grant £4,200,000

Total £5,736,000

Not yet secured applications:

Coastal Communities Fund £1,400,000

Power to Change £300,000

Various Others £162,270

Total £1,862,270

What happens next?

The HLF has given us until January to raise the match-funding (shortfall) or to have a firm plan in place to have the deficit underwritten. The decisions on the majority of the ‘not yet secured’ funding have been delayed, but we expect to hear during November.

Although a challenging situation, what we do know is this: BHCC is fully committed to helping the SLCIC secure the HLF money, as well as all of the other grants which have already been allocated to this project.

It is simply not in the city’s interests to lose the hard won HLF funding for Saltdean Lido!

We also know that the HLF is fully committed to the Saltdean Lido project – it has informed us that it is very rare for heritage buildings of this nature to be restored and made sustainable for the future, and it wants to help make this happen with its Enterprise Grant. Meanwhile, we will continue to talk to the HLF and BHCC, and look at all of options available should we be unsuccessful with the outstanding grant applications.

As we set out in our ‘Save Saltdean Lido’ newsletter in August 2011:

‘We are a group of local residents and our motivation is very simple: We love our community and want to see our cherished lido – the pool and the building – restored to their rightful glory.’

Seven years on, although the members (all volunteers) of the CIC have changed over time, our vision and conviction remain the same. We’ve managed to upgrade the listed building status of the lido to Grade II* (the only coastal lido in the UK to achieve that status), secured planning permission and listed building consent to carry out the restoration, and managed to build two new pools to the original designs and get them open. We will continue to do all we can to ensure that the building restoration project goes ahead for the Saltdean community and the people who care about its Art-Deco building. We will keep you updated on progress as it is made via the Saltdean lido website and future newsletters.

We need to expand the skill set and capability of the CIC team and so if you would like to join us or can help in anyway, please make contact for an informal initial chat.

Thank you for your support.