What’s going on at the Lido? 


Well, we started the year with the possibility that the Lido would not open this year. The pool had several technical problems, most significantly two major leaks in underground pipework at opposite ends of the pool. Additionally, the changing rooms were not in a fit state to open for a third year and required a major refit. Roll forward 6 months, and after an enormous amount of 'discussing' the position with original contractors and a lot of effort, the pool opened and only a week later than planned, despite looking like a building site around a large hole right into May.

The late start and subsequent overrun of repairs presented us with a challenge to get ready but Fusion-Lifestyle and Saltdean Lido volunteers launched into a mammoth clean-up in a very short timescale to get the pool and grounds open.  A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers who helped.

We opened on a day with clear blue skies, with a splendid pool that now looks, and is, full and holds water (always a good thing for a pool!). It also has a nice new blue lining and newly refitted changing rooms that have been described by professionals who know about Lidos as 'some of the best they’ve seen', and we’ve already been receiving comments from customers pleased with the changes. 

Regardless of what this summer's weather brings, Saltdean Lido is one of the UK's warmest outdoor pools and is heated to between 25-28 degrees. It's also the largest pool in Brighton - ideal for open water swimming training, daily excise or time with the family. A wide range of tickets are available via Fusion's Website and queries about bookings can be directed to them directly at - https://www.fusion-lifestyle.com/centres/saltdean/

The CIC have planned a activity programme of fun events in the Lido grounds for this year (the Big Weekender was a great success - strong winds don’t deter Saltdean residents from having a good time!). We have a late-night Summer Solstice Swim planned for 21st June, outdoor cinema, a pool party, and our very popular end of season dog swims in September, already taking bookings at a fast rate. Please see our EVENT page via our website for details. https://saltdeanlido.org/events

Many thanks again to the volunteers and guests who helped make the Big Weekender the success it was, and thanks in advance for help on the rest of this year’s events. All proceeds from these events will help pay for the work that has already been carried out on the pool, and that is still outstanding from the original designs for which planning permission was granted.

Due to the huge amount of time and effort involved with limited resources in negotiating getting the pool operational again, progress on the main building project has unfortunately been slower than hoped. Contact with The National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF), (re-branded from Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)), and with Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) has been maintained to ensure they understand our position. With the pool open now, we have time to focus on trying to conclude the various legal contracts, (e.g. with BHCC for a lease for the building and the terms of their funding agreement), engaging with engineers to carry out further investigative work and satisfying various other requirements to release the NLHF, and other, grants and to hopefully get the restoration project finally confirmed.

We also intend to take the opportunity to re-look at the designs and objectives for the building, mostly decided 2-3 years ago now, to ensure that they not only satisfy the conditions of awards from NHLF and the BHCC planning dept. (which they must), but also, as time has moved on (Life, Brexit, and so on), that the building facilities will also serve the community in the best way possible. This will need to be balanced with the need for the building to earn enough revenue to support and maintain itself going forward by being an attractive attraction for residents and tourists, to the east of Brighton, but we are engaging with the various other local community groups to ensure we get the balance the best we can.
The Saltdean Lido CIC is comprised of local volunteers with a main objective of restoring the building before it falls down completely and, just as importantly, ensuring its future survival financially for the enjoyment of all. We would welcome more help on the board (trustees and/or directors) with the time and skill sets (egos can be left in car park) to assist with this unique opportunity to restore the Lido so that it once again looks like all the artists impressions in the posters, as well as being a tourist destination and community facility of which we can all be proud.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email us directly - info@saltdeanlido.co.uk

And if you would like to view the plans for the main building, you can view the plans here.